Where Women Lead, Impact Follows @ Massachusetts Nonprofit Network

Where Women Lead, Impact Follows: How Women in Nonprofit Leadership can change the sector for good and how to get them there.

Over 64% of donations are made by women, reminding us that women make most of the fundraising decisions in the household. And while women are the largest sector employed in the nonprofit industry in America, only 1/3 of all senior and executive leadership positions are held by women and only 36% of women are in board seats in the nonprofit sector.

Gender plays a serious role and has a dynamic impact in philanthropy. With the heavy influence of women in philanthropy it would benefit our organizations immensely to learn how to create and adopt a strategy for increasing women centered communities to influence governance, executive leadership, and philanthropy roles in our organizations.

In this workshop we will explore how women influence impact, how they make and lead philanthropic decisions, and how a community of women cultivated in your organization can fundamentally change your impact. We will outline how to build such a community in a variety of ways and help you adopt and adapt concepts to your own organization.


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