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We conduct feasibility studies to determine the extent to which a campaign is feasible for your project, not whether it should be done at all. Campaigns are always feasible. It’s the inspiration of the campaign case and the financial targets of a campaign that is to be uncovered. Our studies always include a thorough audit and assessment of all prospects by taking a closer look inside your base for the capacity to raise the necessary funds, fund performance records, mission achievements, vision and case for support, board member engagement and staffing capabilities, and healthy data hygiene. Learn more.

In order to effectively and efficiently achieve the short and long-term goals of a capital campaign, an effective strategy needs to be put into place. Harvest Development Group fully understands the importance of designing a solid strategy because our team collectively has led over a dozen campaigns totaling $134,000,000 just over the past decade. Learn more.

Performing a thorough audit and assessment of a client’s capacity and capabilities in philanthropy and fund development is a critical foundation for developing the strategy, plan, and approach to raising more donors and more funds. As a company that focuses on root cause analysis, audits and assessments play a role in all of our client work. The depth, breadth, and intensity of the assessment are differentiated only by the problem you are trying to fix. Learn more.

Strategic planning is probably the most important thing for you to accomplish. We all think about a nonprofit having a strategic plan, but there are other strategic plans to consider in your organization as well: a strategic plan for your board, for your development effort, for your communications and marketing. These all benefit from a strong strategic vision and plan. Learn more.

The fundraising program tailored for your organization will focus on contributions coming from individuals, foundations, corporations, and the government. We will work to create a plan that grows to balance the ratio of funds and income in each area. Learn more.

Not every organization knows how to structure, build, and sustain a robust major giving program. Fortunately, we have specialized in major giving for over a decade, with much of our team having an extensive background in this fundraising program for their whole careersThe Science and the Art of Major Giving can be created in ANY nonprofit, even yours. Learn more.

Our board development programs are specifically tailored to your needs. We will work with you to assess board strengths and gaps and then determine where we can be of most value, with the goal of overall improvement and satisfaction: to you, to the board, and to your community. Learn more.

We make it our business to understand your specific personnel needs that relate to your vision and goals.  By working closely with your organization, we are able to implement best practices and tailor the recruitment solutions to meet your unique requirements. Learn more.

Our coaches assist your organization with a holistic approach to find and nurture the leadership skills necessary to help you grow. All coaching engagements begin with a series of assessments to determine strengths and opportunities, define influence, and understand personality and inherent skills. Learn more.

Risk and threats to the success of your nonprofit are always our concern. Having the appropriate group of consultants at your disposal can bridge this gap.  With an average of 25 years of experience per consultant, our team of dedicated and adaptable nonprofit experts will quickly pinpoint where the gaps lie, draft a personnel solution that meets your budget, and guide your organization back to normal operations. Learn more.

So many nonprofits have taken to the internet, virtually delivering their mission, message, and requests in events that cross geographic boundaries into new markets they never knew could be tapped for support and advocacy. We have worked with many nonprofits to create unique, engaging, and memorable virtual gatherings, large and small. Call us to share your idea. Learn more.