What makes people think of you?

I once used a series of peace signs as my profile picture on Facebook, for a full year. One new sign a month. The design came from the talented artist Patricia Saxton

After a full year of doing so, I had someone comment to me “Every time I see a peace sign now, I think of you! That’s some powerful branding you have going on, mame!”

Indeed it is.

We are visual creatures. Our memories are stuffed with snapshots and movie trailers of experiences, products and more. So translating that to your brand logo should be justification enough to ensure you spend the time and resources on developing a brand image that makes people remember and think about you  often.

What was it about the peace sign that branded it to me – and me to it- in my friend’s minds?

  1. It was a consistent element. While the texture and colors might have changed in the months that progressed, the image of the peace sign was consistent.
  2. I lived the brand. While mostly a pacifist, I didn’t project an image or act in a way that was inconsistent with my profile picture. I was mostly peaceful 🙂
  3. It appeared whenever I was present. Every time I posted to a page or sent an email message through Facebook, my profile picture was there. I even went so far as to wear peace sign branded clothing and jewelry (not with intention, but because I liked them!).
  4. It was relate-able. A peace sign is universal. It comes pre-loaded with perception and expectation. It represents something to everyone.
  5. It provided food for thought. With each new posting of another months peace sign, I would link back to Patrica Saxton’s blog, and also provided some article, quote or personal insight into the concept of peace.

Given these five areas, what can you develop to represent your organization and bring people to remember you through strong brand image?

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