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Virtual events are the thing!!  So many nonprofits have taken to the internet, virtually delivering their mission, message, and requests in events that cross geographic boundaries they’ve never before breached and into new markets they never knew could be tapped for support and advocacy!

We call these online experiences “Virtual Gatherings”. They can be single meetings among an intimate group of donors with your mission leaders or a 500-person Anniversary Gala. They gather your community into a virtual, highly personalized, interaction, in which you control the message, the audience view, and the outcome.

We know it all feels overwhelming, but we’re here to tell you – you can do this!  You can re-envision and produce your In-Person Event (IPE) into a virtual experience. 

Let’s set expectations right up front – virtual gatherings do not save you time or money over your traditional in-person event. In many cases it will be as expensive, if not a tad more expensive, to start hosting your gatherings online. The more that these gatherings move online, the more sophisticated and unique they must become to differentiate, inspire, and move your audience to action. But we believe the outcomes that bring you admiration, the return on investment, and the ongoing engagement you draw from a virtual gathering is worth the investment.

Shifting an event from in person to a virtual gathering is not a one-to-one correlation. Any attempts to recreate the exact same activities of the in-person event into a virtual gathering leaves the experience flat and uninspiring for your participants. Long hours before a video screen watching televised and recorded presentations will never compare to the vibrant and interactive nature of an in-person event. The development of a meaningful virtual experience for your participants must be designed to break down what we call the ‘fourth wall’, the computer screen, allowing them to participate in the online action in a personal and meaningful way.  Many organizations fall short in this area and their events suffer in participant satisfaction, sponsor trust, and revenue.

We have worked with many nonprofits to create unique, engaging, and memorable virtual gatherings, large and small. Call us to share your idea or subscribe to receive ongoing tools and training opportunities for your own virtual gathering.

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