Trust is a Must

Philanthropic Communities cannot exist without TRUST. During the pandemic, this was the differentiator for surviving and thriving organizations that benefitted from a community focused on their needs and survival. Of the five elements required to build a sustainable philanthropic community – people, shared purpose, shared experience, shared resources, and trust – the last was the most important in establishing, growing, and maintaining philanthropic engagement. In this USI hosted workshop, we use the iconic Woodstock Music Festival as an illustration of how communities can coalesce around a shared purpose when building trust is central to the effort. we will explore how trust influences each element in creating our sustainable philanthropic community. We explore the five elements needed to evolve a philanthropic community by focusing on ‘shared purpose,’ nurturing attachments through shared experiences and resources, as well as intentional and consistent communication. We explore how this community development framework evokes a philanthropic response and to this end the actions of caring and giving that evolve from it.


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