The Boardroom

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Your board is distinct in its purpose, mission, and culture. Add to this the complexity associated with an elected body of volunteers charged with governance and oversight of your operations. This is a group who require a strong strategy and implementation leadership to perform successfully. How can anyone find time or talent to care and nurture this body successfully?  How can board members gain accurate and expert insight into their role and responsibility? Who can lead this group to premiere performance? We understand your dilemma. Executive Directors and Board members must be expert in managing all of this while growing your organization’s capacity to serve.

This is why many organizations choose The Boardroom to strategize, design, and implement Board Development. The Boardroom is a concierge level service for nonprofit board members and CEOs, in board leadership, board development, assessments and training.

Our full service board development offerings include insight into emerging trends, board primer, strategy, planning, benchmarking, training, and assessment to create a complete suite of services to sustain and grow your board leadership. All affordably priced for your budget and guaranteed to deliver quality effective improved board performance for your needs.

Our services include:


• Assessment of board culture, make-up, and performance as a group and individually
• Benchmark against other similar boards by mission, demographics, and size
• Facilitation of board vision and purpose
• Design of strategic action plan and measurement tools


• Board orientation and onboarding
• Role and Responsibility development and training
• Governing Documentation review and development
•Board evaluations
•Coaching of key Board leadership roles: Chair, Trustee, Executive Director


•Succession Plan
•Board/CEO relationships cultivation


The Boardroom

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