Recently, I had the unfortunate opportunity to sit in the presence of a supervisor from my past, for an extended period, and listen to him speak. I was struck once again, even after so many years, by what an awful leader he was and obviously still is. Then, this post this morning on Twitter got […]

What Makes People Think of You?

I once used a series of peace signs as my profile picture on Facebook, for a full year. One new sign a month. The design came from the talented artist Patricia Saxton After a full year of doing so, I had someone comment to me “Every time I see a peace sign now, I think […]

9-11: Turn That Frown Upside Down….

Some of you may react with repulsion at the title of this post…some may think it is dishonorable to lighten up on this day of tragedy – September 11th…others may not yet be ready to let go of the pain and suffering…and those closest to the tragedy may be experiencing the trauma anew as the […]

How a Gift to Someone Else Can Be the Perfect Gift for your Dad

Dads, at least the Dads of my generation, had two jobs – Earn an Income and Make Pancakes on Sunday Night for Mom’s night off. The first we knew represented his RESPONSIBILITY to his family. The second we knew represented his LOVE for our mother and for us. There never seemed anything we could do […]

What Flag Day Can Teach us About Passion, Brand Identity and Advocacy.

“The “Stars and Stripes”, the official National symbol of the United States of America, was authorized by congress on Saturday June 14, 1777 – the fifth item of the days agenda. In Waubeka, Wisconsin, in 1885 Bernard John Cigrand a nineteen year old school teacher in a one room school, placed a 10” 38 star flag in an inkwell and […]

Capital Campaigns as Transformative Projects

Capital Campaigns are incredible projects – consuming of immense amounts of resources, but the returns of which can be transformative for your organization. Capital Campaigns are important strategies to include in your organization’s long-term philanthropy development plans. Campaigns that are integrated (including all of the organizations’ stakeholders in its design and implementation);  unified (with the goal of raising […]