What We Offer

Strategic Planning

Ready, Aim, Fire. Your strategy is the target toward which you are working, actions aimed at reaching goals to bring your vision and mission achievements to fruition. It focuses your organization on what you want to be and do and it reaffirms who you are. It moves your ideas into the real world.

Strategic planning is probably the most important thing for you to accomplish. We all think about a nonprofit having a strategic plan, but there are other strategic plans to consider in your organization as well: a strategic plan for your board, for your development effort, for your communications and marketing. These all benefit from a strong strategic vision and plan.

Our strategic planning process results in an exciting and active plan that doesn’t sit on a shelf. It articulates not only your vision and goals, but the actions, tactics, responsible parties, resources required, timeframe, risks, and obstacles to success. We tie it into your job descriptions and performance tools, and we develop a tailored dashboard for you to measure success as you proceed to execute.

What a refreshing way to grow!