Start with the donor part 3- website and status updates

What does your website say about you?

Whatever it is, change it.

Donors landing on your site are looking for something about THEM, not you.

So skip the long, pithy paragraphs about your organization. Give the donors what they want- info for their needs. They want details on the mission they care about. Share a story about a client, the impact of a gift. Tell your donor where to go for other like minded people (we all love tribes). Give your donor something to do.

Same thing with all those endless, interrupting status updates. Your donor does NOT care if you are:
At a really cool conference
Having lunch with another donor
Ending a really long work day

Face it, you don’t care about those things either, you’re just too lazy to dig up a bone for your audience.

Skip the ego update and save a donor.


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