What We Offer


We help you find the exact person needed to guide your nonprofit toward success.

Recruiting, onboarding, and training are difficult and time-consuming. It can easily use up 30-40% of your time. Even if you have an HR department, recruitment is a drain on their resources.

If not the time, then the talent can be a problem. It is common to have the wrong type of skill sets and performance expectations for a particular job that you are looking to fill. It’s also common to hire the wrong person because of it.

Many nonprofit organizations lack the detailed job descriptions or management tools in place to enable them to fully evaluate who they need and why. Often it’s not until someone leaves the role that you take a look at their job description and wonder what they actually do. Does it fit your vision? Are they adding value to moving toward success? How are you measuring their actual performance?

We make it our business to understand your specific personnel needs that relate to your vision and goals. By working closely with your organization, we are able to implement best practices and tailor the recruitment solutions to meet your unique requirements. We take time to review your job performance tools, make recommendations on role and responsibility documents, highlight the expertise and experience required for successful performance, create a reasonable compensation range and package for your sector and geographic area, and then make it our job to attract and vet hundreds of applicants to find just the right pool of prospects for your review.

A proven systematic process to filter out and highlight the top qualified candidates.

We conduct interviews prior to providing you with three standout candidates for you to review and make a final recruitment decision. Saving you time and frustration within the process, all while adding a higher level of confidence that the chosen candidate is the perfect fit for your team.

Providing better analytics to make better decisions.

We develop performance management tools specific to the role and outline detailed key performance indicators. This provides long-term benchmarking of role, responsibility, and personnel to ensure your investment provides valuable ROI.

To gain a greater understanding of how our recruitment process works and how it would be applied to your specific needs, contact us to speak with one of our nonprofit experts.