BLOSSOM: The eLearning Platform for Serious Do-Gooders

BLOSSOM: The eLearning Platform for Serious Do-Gooders. (click here to learn more or enroll now!)

BLOSSOM provides you with ongoing professional education in nonprofit leadership, while helping you achieve measurable results through a personalized coaching program, that will advance your mission and make your nonprofit grow RIGHT NOW.

Learn all the best practices for critical areas you need to perform better,  while receiving expert guidance and problem solving from your coach in one on one sessions every month.

You’ll also gain insight and perspective from a network of your peers in a team environment through guided chats and explore unique insights in monthly webinar panel discussions with industry experts. Collaborate with others in creating solutions and in generating innovative concepts.

Save your work products and documents in a secure file locker to use with your board or in advancing your career.

Earn badges along the way and compete on the BLOSSOM leader board for credits on future modules.