Planning and Producing Your Virtual Event

Shifting an event from an in person experience to a virtual gathering requires more than a conference link and a set of speakers!

Any attempts to recreate the exact same activities of your in person event within a virtual gathering, leaves the program flat and uninspiring for everyone.

Long hours before a video screen watching televised and recorded presentations will never compare to the vibrant and interactive nature of an in person event.

But that doesn’t mean your virtual event is destined to be boring!

We hosted our very own first VIRTUAL EVENT in June of 2020. It was an overly ambitious – are we known for anything else?– multi-participant extravaganza, with twenty-five hands on workshops, speakers, sponsors, lunch delivery, recess rooms of live music, trivia games, and meditations, along with plenty of interaction between participants and the topic experts thorughout the day.

Because we are driven to help you at every turn, we produced this guide to share the critical components and things to address as you take your event online. We also give you direction and suggestions in here on how to market, communicate, expand your audience reach, and build on your brand awareness for a successful virtual event.

We are eager to see how you do!

Of course, if you want, we can help a little or a lot. Email us at [email protected] with your questions or obstacles and we can help you navigate through in building an amazing virtual experience your community will be eager to join!