You are not alone

Mastermind Circles.

If only I had more information, more insight, more ideas. If only I had a better understanding of the concept, of the strategy, of the plan. If only I had someone to work through this with me, who has also been in this position or has learned from this challenge. A Mastermind.

You are not alone.

Many of your colleagues working in and volunteering for nonprofits struggle right alongside you, scrambling to understand issues, identify solutions, build tools and strategy, staying up through the night hours producing materials, and wondering if this is the one thing that will work.

Working in and with nonprofits is an adventurous journey into innovation, behavioral science, creativity, inspiration, and relationships.  Weirdly, we would not trade it for the world. Because in this strange and satisfying environment, working with you all, we know much can be gained through sharing.

That’s why we created Mastermind Circles.

Free, small group, virtual gatherings of nonprofit people like yourself, in regularly scheduled, expertly facilitated, inspired conversations around your needs. A community for learning, encouragement, and innovation.

Joining a Mastermind Circle is free.  Connecting with your peers and gaining from their knowledge is priceless.

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