What We Offer

Major Giving

Over 80% of funding in all successful and growing nonprofits is derived from investments in large contributions, often called Major Gifts.

Major giving is different from your general fundraising. It uses many of the techniques employed in a capital campaign but creates a relationship with the major donor that is ongoing and familial. Major donors have a vested interest in seeing solutions achieved and success born out in the areas they value. They often take personal pride in what they feel they have helped you to accomplish. They become close and personal friends of the organization. They rely on consistent and intentional communication and a depth of information not normally shared in your general fundraising communications.

Not every organization knows how to structure, build, and sustain a robust major giving program. Fortunately, we have specialized in major giving for over a decade, with much of our team having an extensive background in this fundraising program for their whole careers.

The Science and the Art of Major Giving can be created in ANY nonprofit, even yours. Our assessment and recommendations on how to develop major giving are just the start. We design, support, lead, and assist in identifying, introducing, nurturing, and facilitating the investment of the major donors in your community.