Scott Selig shares nonprofit knowledge and experience across the world!

Scott Selig, Harvest’s Vice President of Business Development had the privilege recently to share his nonprofit knowledge and experience across the world!

Scott was invited to participate in meetings with members of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program. The fellowship is a prestigious program enhancing leadership among international professionals, collaborating to address local and global challenges, and foster change for the collective good. He eagerly accepted the invitation, which required him to meet and mentor two fellows from the program. Scott was selected because of his extensive nonprofit experience and in relationship with Emory University, his alma mater.

This past month he had met by video chat with two of the fellows. These conversations with Ms. Zuzana Schalekova, Sr Public Relations Manager for the Pontis Foundation in the Slovak Republic, and Ms. Nayat Karakose, Program Coordinator for the Hrant Dink Foundation in Turkey focused on communications, marketing, and fundraising practices. Scott and the fellows shared nonprofit best practices in building an engaged community, in developing unique marketing campaigns, and in growing fundraising.

Scott reflects on the selection and experience, “Being selected was such an honor and participating in these dialogues as a community contributor helped me to not only impact others in nonprofit leadership but also allowed me the opportunity to examine our own methods, practices, and beliefs around nonprofit leadership. I am truly inspired and enriched by this experience!”


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