How to Maintain Advocacy

Now that we know the importance of building advocacy for your nonprofits, let’s get into how to maintain it.

It’s easy to get everyone fired up about your organization right from the start, but it’s important that you keep that momentum going with everyone that’s volunteering and advocating. So, in this blog I will discuss a few ways in which you can do this.

As an intern for Harvest Development Group, I’ve realized how important it is to help nonprofits grow their communities and maintain them. There is a vast amount of people who are willing to volunteer to help a community grow for a good cause. A lot of your volunteers may have a full-time paid job or other extra-curriculars, so it’s important to keep them excited and focused on your mission.

One thing you can do to succeed at this is to create a good relationship with your members. In order for you to retain your volunteers they need to enjoy your company of course! Having a strong bond will go a long way.

Second, make their time valuable. Like I said before, many volunteers have other jobs or hobbies, they came to help your nonprofit for a reason! Keep them busy while also making sure they are enjoying their time there. Also, allow your supporters to create their own schedules when they have time; be flexible.

And lastly, keep your volunteers informed. Say you ordered food for delivery and never got notified when it was getting picked up or delivered. That would defeat the whole purpose! It’s the same for these individuals that are making donations to your organization. Make sure they know that donating to your nonprofit is worthwhile. This means you should stay current on social media by posting your updates. Also, you should be contacting them directly so they feel a connection to your organization and can constantly know what they are supporting.

Harvest Development Group understands the struggle of keeping your supporters stoked about your organization, and that’s why we’re here to help you. If you make sure you’re friendly, open, flexible, and informing, you’ll be 4 steps closer to growing your nonprofit.


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