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Techno robot

Chat GPT and the Nonprofit Sector

“You guys have really come up with somethin’. ”                                     -Dr. Floyd, 2001 a Space Odyssey At the end of our team meeting today, Phill asked us to hold on so he could share something.

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How to Maintain Advocacy

Now that we know the importance of building advocacy for your nonprofits, let’s get into how to maintain it. It’s easy to get everyone fired up about your organization right from the start, but it’s

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World Day for International Justice

Acknowledging World Day for International Justice, we honor the latest member of our Harvest family of client’s The National Conference for Community and Justice. While the organization serves Connecticut and Western Massachusetts communities, the topics

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website design

Your Website is Old

Your Website is Old. This is the second in a series of posts detailing The Ten Fatal Flaws of Your Nonprofit Website. Subscribe using the link above to make sure you are alerted to each

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my new post

Building Advocacy

Building Advocacy. A few years ago, my sister came out as bisexual. While this was happening, so were issues with so many other important social and political controversies, but it was so hard to raise

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