Help where you need it

Imagine a major giving program that exceeds your needs?  One that brings not only money but talent and advocates for your mission?  How would your organization perform differently with large recurring gifts?

We hear from our clients more than anything else that what you need is funding to grow and you need a strong board to help you get there.  That’s why at HARVEST DEVELOPMENT GROUP, we have developed proven and successful processes for BUILDING YOUR MAJOR GIVING program and STRENGTHENING YOUR BOARD.

Harvest Development Group is a national consulting firm helping nonprofits embrace the best business practices into their organization for exceptional results.

With a combined 125 years of experience in fundraising and philanthropic giving, the skills of our consultants can help you and your nonprofit organization reach its full potential.

Whether you are understaffed, underfunded, or under-skilled our complementary expertise and services, combined with our personal, straightforward approach will help you get back on track. This will enable you to help your organization meet today’s challenges while preparing for a profitable and successful future.

Our thorough appraisal of your nonprofit will help you to enhance your skills and your organizations strengths, aiding your organization through productive evolution and:

  • Shoring up funds for any new initiatives
  • Getting new and existing donors excited about you
  • Inspiring volunteers to recruit new donors
  • Motivating your board to pursue invested outcomes

Email us or Call 888-586-1103 for a free pre-assessment and let us show you how your nonprofit organization can reach its full potential.