Harvest Development Group Recruits New Executive Director for Gifts of Love

Ryan Pettengill joins Gifts of Love, bringing over two decades of experience in nonprofit leadership, community impact, and fundraising to the position.

“Ryan has spent his life, both professionally and personally, promoting the health and welfare of the families in the communities in which he’s lived. He offers Gifts of Love a combination of finely honed management skills with hands-on experience in making communities better. We could not ask for a finer combination of executive and personal skills,” says Maura Fitzpatrick, chair of the Gifts of Love board of directors. “Harvest Development Group, a consulting firm working specifically with nonprofit organizations, led the recruitment effort on behalf of Gifts of Love. We thank Harvest Development Group for helping us manage and conduct a comprehensive search for our new executive director. They took a thorough approach to vetting and recommending excellent candidates. Ryan was clearly our top choice.”

Congratulations to Ryan Pettengill and the Gifts of Love Community.


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