Q: We need permanent expertise on staff. Do you do staff placement?
A: We do! We focus on key staff positions at the C-Suite, Executive, and Managerial level. Our process of recruitment includes your governance team, our recruitment expert, and a pool of hundreds of prospective qualified candidates ready to fit your position requirements.

Q: We would like to hire your firm to raise money for us. Do you have fundraisers that can do telethons or visit high-net-worth donors and ask for large gifts?
A: We do not solicit donors on your behalf, but can coach your team, board, staff, and volunteers to solicit donors. For one reason, asking donors on your behalf cuts your organization out of the process, leaving you in the dark about your donors. Leaving you in the dark is a bad thing. We work to strengthen your fundraising skills so that when our time with you is over, you are more knowledgeable and have the increased capacity to continue to cultivate donors and raise more money.

Q: We are in financial distress, and the investment we make in your services needs a guarantee of return on investment.
A: Raising a donor’s investment in your mission and work relies significantly on your organization’s value proposition to the community. Having a strong case for support, a deeply connected community of donors and advocates, clear and focused governance, and a stimulating vision are the key performance indicators we will measure and adjust to help you be successful in your fundraising. While we can never guarantee a dollar figure in return, our expertise tells us that when all these things are in balance and developed with quality, then goals are achieved successfully!

Q: Do you have offices near us?
A: We have consultants available in every region of the US, close to most nonprofit offices we serve. Our expertise does not have state lines. We travel frequently for key benchmark meetings with clients, donor interactions, board support, and trainings. We also have a line of virtual tools to engage and stay interactive throughout our service plan with you.

Q: We are a very small nonprofit, but I know we need some help. Is there assistance your firm could provide us that is affordable?
A: The simple answer is, “yes.” There are over 1.4M registered nonprofits in America of all sizes. We are dedicated to creating services and programs that would be valuable and affordable to all of them! In speaking with you, we will determine your budget, needs, and expectations, and together we will build a service platform specifically suiting your needs.