What We Offer

Executive Coaching

Your nonprofit has a great mission to change lives and communities that are tied to it. Like all great nonprofits, success in this mission depends on the care and nurturing of its leadership.

Nonprofits need innovative leaders that inspire, raise more awareness, money, and support. Leaders who feel satisfied and accomplished stay longer than those who don’t. Loneliness in leadership can lead to burnout and retention issues. Staff with compassionate and clear leadership are more confident and can accomplish their goals more quickly. The ability to influence and develop trust is not innate, but it is nourished through proper assessment, training, and support.

Our coaches assist your organization with a holistic approach to find and nurture the leadership skills necessary to help you grow. Customizable and completely tailored to your needs and budget. All coaching engagements begin with a series of assessments to determine strengths and opportunities, define influence, and understand personality and inherent skills. We then review this with you to build a program that aligns with goals, needs, and capacity.