Charity Case: Disrupting Nonprofits for Good

COMING SOON: Charity Case-Disrupting Nonprofits for Good.

You won’t believe what happened!…”

Yes, you will, because the stories we share are so relatable, they’ve happened to all who have worked in, for, or with nonprofits.  Welcome to Charity Case, the podcast for disrupting nonprofits…for good. What do we mean by disrupting?  That we take risks in the face of adversity with a deep belief and willingness to create a new way to solve a pain point, even as the new way flies in the face of all existing norms, cultural beliefs, and social expectations.

What makes these train wrecks memorable?

How difficult they were, how badly we tried to make it work, and what became of the people involved.

But this podcast is more than just spilling tea!

In each episode, we take on a disaster as our personal charity case and unpack the impact the situation had on the people and systems involved, and define the management skills and approach that would avoid it in the future. These cases are more than just “how to’s” about working in a nonprofit, they are illustrations of how to survive it and thrive!

So, please, won’t you join us on this journey? Follow us soon on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you enjoy your shows.


To share your own story (anonymously if you would like), send us an email at, or join us in our Facebook Group “Charity Case”, or leave us a voicemail at 888-299-0589.


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