Charities See Social Network Potential and Risk – BusinessWeek

Charities See Social Network Potential and Risk – BusinessWeek.

Lil Green Patches, Rice Bowls, Pink Ribbons. The landscape of  “get rich quick” widgets and apps are proliferating on Social Networking sites faster than three card monty men on a hot NYC sidewalk in summer. Okay bad analogy, but could the screaming environment of “Ronco”  style products, with their “work at home and make millions” case studies have a potential backlash to the industry and face of philanthropy? Are these social fundraising products fundraising or brand marketing? Is the forecast bright for significant revenue from use and expansion of these tools? Will those newly engaged to support the environment by sending plants or feeding the hungry by filling rice bowls, truly engaged? What is the conversation rate for these ‘donors’. How are they captured?

We may still be too newly minted to know.


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