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Case Study: Capital Community College Foundation


Capital Community College, with its beginnings as Hartford State Technical College and  Greater Hartford Community College, was established in 1992  with  a focus on creating  post secondary education and access to students in the Greater Hartford area.  The College’s Foundation, along with its Board of Directors, raises funds for scholarships and programs to support student outcomes. Our work with Foundation began in 2019 when we were   invited  to conduct an audit and assessment of the Foundation in the  building  their philanthropy and enhancing fund development, and again in 2020 to implement a robust annual fund and major gift program.


The Foundation had several revenue streams; grants, corporate sponsorships, revenue from events, and an annual fund. Both the College’s and Foundation’s leadership recognized the need for philanthropic development,  and sought assistance in the  examination of the Foundation’s approach to philanthropy and examination of the Foundation’s donor community. Our engagement with  the Foundation, culminating in a comprehensive findings report, examined the internal operations of the foundation, an external evaluation of their donor community, and an environmental scan of the economic factors.

Equipped with the findings report and strategic imperatives and recommendations, the Foundation, wanting to advance individual giving and a major gift program, enlisted our counsel to execute upon our findings and recommendations.


We conducted a strategic assessment of the Foundation’s philanthropic opportunity by auditing and assessing  the Foundation’s internal administration and governance of fund development  and the attitude, perception and beliefs about the college and  philanthropy with key stakeholders. With that knowledge in hand, we identified strategic opportunities to generate the revenue needed to meet their objectives, and delivered findings for review and discussion by the foundation board  that  identified and outlined strengths; areas of opportunity  for both short term and long term results.  

Our work continues with Capital Community College Foundation as we work with their leadership on developing a robust annual fund and major gift program, and launching alumni affinity groups.


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