carpe diem

Seize the Day! Wisdom from the Roman ages.

So many excellent fundraising plans have been the foundation for failure…. All because the individuals implementing them did not seize the day. We spend numerous hours and beau coup resources developing the intricate, detailed and exceptionally well coordinated strategic plans. And we don’t file them, we leave them on our desktops ensuring we look at them daily. And yet, if we don’t seize the moment we end up with mediocre results. We can do a task or we can seize a task. The difference being the enthusiasm, focus and energy we bring to the effort.
Each day we are given 24 hours. I’m not suggesting we work longer. I’m saying work each minute to its maximum. If your plan requires 20 calls this month, make them matter. Give each call thought and attention, preparation. Plan what outcome you’ll be satisfied with after each call is completed: an appointment? More data? A promise to chat again? If your plan calls for developing a new product or service, get your hands dirty- to your elbows- in research and design. If your plan calls for getting this product out the door, wake up sprinting to the finish line, making sure everyone knows the item is ready for delivery.
We only have this moment. Make it count.


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