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Building Advocacy

Building Advocacy. A few years ago, my sister came out as bisexual. While this was happening, so were issues with so many other important social and political controversies, but it was so hard to raise awareness to these situations. This is why I’d like to talk about the topic of nonprofit’s building advocacy on their organizations.

As an intern for Harvest this year, I have learned it is our job to help nonprofit organizations keep their operation going. Building advocacy is a huge part in doing this. There are a few ways they can go about doing this though.

First, you need to stay current. In order for you to build advocacy for your nonprofit, you need to have knowledge of current news and debates regarding the community. Second, make sure your organization is getting involved. Have advocates speak for your organization, whether it be at events or through social media. That brings me to talk about social media. It is important to build your social media pages in order to grow your audience and spread the word. This also will educate your followers and motivate them to be more involved.

Just as we hang out with friends who have similar interests in us to keep our relationships exciting, you need to find a community that will stay engaged. Finding a community that has a shared purpose is very important in building advocacy. Whether it is the like-minded members of your community, their allies, or even people who just want to be educated, organizations should be attracting their community to their pages. Defining your objectives to this shared purpose is also important and creating a theme within your organization. And then you need to drive action to your community and organization. Raising awareness on all the current issues is important, while also raising money for your organization to thrive and deliver more information and educate the world.

Harvest Development Group knows how important it is for nonprofit organizations to create a community that will not only be supportive, but maintain its support. It’s hard to see when there will be a world that’s only full of love and acceptance, but working together, we can get closer one step at a time.


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