Today is the first day of Fall, a beginning to a new season. Likewise, every journey has a beginning and so to mine.

I have new contact information to share and, of course, can always be reached here or via LinkedIn.

Reflecting on the 20 years I have been in this industry, it is the passion and spirit of the people who commit themselves to causes that they embrace, that inspire them, that provide security and meaning to their lives…..this is the draw for me.

Indeed, authenticity, integrity and meaning have become central to so many aspects of our careers. Even more so during the recent economic crisis; reflection and assessment on what is important, the realities of the very core, fundamental human relationships that build and empower our work. The realness of it all. It inspires us to reach out, do more, act selflessly, grow.

I remain open to new horizons, opportunities and ideas.


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