Chat GPT and the Nonprofit Sector

Techno robot

“You guys have really come up with somethin’. ”                                     -Dr. Floyd, 2001 a Space Odyssey At the end of our team meeting today, Phill asked us to hold on so he could share something. “Ready to be blown away?” he asked. We all stared squarely into our video cameras. He shared his screen and […]

World Day for International Justice

Acknowledging World Day for International Justice, we honor the latest member of our Harvest family of client’s The National Conference for Community and Justice. While the organization serves Connecticut and Western Massachusetts communities, the topics and issues they address impact national and global level social justice. World Day for International Justice is intended to Unite […]

Malignant Melanoma Awareness Month: Carved Beauty

carved female leg

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains photos of surgical results from Malignant Melanoma, which may trigger you to run to the dermatologist for a checkup. No, I am not sorry if it means one person is saved, please read on. It was just a little bit of a spot. It had been there since I slipped […]

Capacity Building Investments from Funders

Vector image of two heads sharing icons of ideas on a dark blue background

Capacity Building investments from funders is a growing area of opportunity for your nonprofit. Building a sustainable and capable organization to deliver on your mission is the primary goal of every nonprofit. We often get inquires from nonprofit leaders about working with them to create strategy, plans, and to implement next level operations. In many […]

Strategic Planning Case Study: The United States Coast Guard Academy

Strategic Planning for the USCGA

Background: Strategic Planning for The US Coast Guard Academy, established in New London, CT in 1932. The USCGA provides instruction and advising to over 1,700 cadets annually in nine major areas of study. Its main source of revenue is federal funding through an annual DHS appropriations bill, followed by alumni giving and membership fees. The faculty […]

Cultivating a Thankful Heart

Sign about gratitude changing everything

Cultivating a thankful heart opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings that continually surround us. ~ James E. Faust Refining and deepening gratitude is an output of trials and suffering. When things are going well, gratitude helps us celebrate and enlarge our goodness. But according to author Robert Emmons, it is truly under difficult […]

Scott Selig shares nonprofit knowledge and experience across the world!

Scott Selig, Harvest’s Vice President of Business Development had the privilege recently to share his nonprofit knowledge and experience across the world! Scott was invited to participate in meetings with members of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship program. The fellowship is a prestigious program enhancing leadership among international professionals, collaborating to address local and global […]

You are not alone

Mastermind Circles. If only I had more information, more insight, more ideas. If only I had a better understanding of the concept, of the strategy, of the plan. If only I had someone to work through this with me, who has also been in this position or has learned from this challenge. A Mastermind. You […]

Charity Case: Disrupting Nonprofits for Good

COMING SOON: Charity Case-Disrupting Nonprofits for Good. “You won’t believe what happened!…” Yes, you will, because the stories we share are so relatable, they’ve happened to all who have worked in, for, or with nonprofits.  Welcome to Charity Case, the podcast for disrupting nonprofits…for good. What do we mean by disrupting?  That we take risks […]

Managing Difficult Boards

Difficult Boards. We’ve all had them. We’ve all been subject to them. We all have struggled with what to do with them. Boards Behaving Badly. “We just can’t get our board to follow through on our request for assistance.” “My board refuses to require members to make donations.” “Our board meetings are a mess, lots […]