What We Offer

Audit and Assessment

Is fundraising not working for you? Do you have a complete strategic plan for fund development? How about philanthropy? Is there a difference?

Performing a thorough audit and assessment of a client’s capacity and capabilities in philanthropy and fund development is a critical foundation for developing the strategy, plan, and approach to raising more donors and more funds. As a company that focuses on root cause analysis, audits and assessments play a role in all of our client work. The depth, breadth, and intensity of the assessment are differentiated only by the problem you are trying to fix.

Regardless of size, our audit and assessments follow a similar format, formula, and scope:

We conduct an internal and external assessment of the client’s organization and operations in any local, regional, or state offices to determine opportunities, gaps, and other threats to building and managing a premier program. We are researching to identify, collect, and review data that pertains to your needs:

To find out more details about our audit and assessment procedures, contact us to request a discussion and one of our experts will gladly contact you.