At a key time in our organization’s growth, Harvest Development Group was instrumental in helping Goodwin College analyze and assess the efforts of our fundraising office. The Harvest Team expertly guided us as we developed an Advancement strategy that leverages our limited resources for maximum impact.
— Brooke Penders, Vice President for Advancement, Goodwin College

Harvest has an excellent reputation, particularly in the area of helping nonprofits understand the importance of philanthropy and providing practical solutions in challenging fiscal times. They provided the resources, skills and expertise needed to diagnose our issue in development and create real solutions.
Would recommend them highly to other nonprofits. They understand that fundraising is not just about events and sales. It’s about culture, connection to donors, building and sustaining relationships and understanding the environment in which your organization is operating. They understand that nonprofits are mission-driven and have the need for true financial sustainability and provide useful support in the appropriate context of our work.

— Andrea Barton Reeves, President and CEO, HARC, Inc.

I found [Harvest Development Group] to offer the most comprehensive and varied services for a smaller sized firm, I got to know and trust the principals in the organization and knew that they would help us deliver the results we needed to our stakeholders. I interviewed many individual consultants but liked the resources available and team concept of Harvest. They brought us a long way, we are a developing community based organization with big goals, and unsophisticated and limited infrastructure, so they were able to meet us where we were and help us identify reasonable next steps to reach our near term and long term goals. They are a gem – great people (women) who know what they are doing.
— Roxanna Miller, Co-Executive Director, Hartford Youth Scholars

As we wanted to move into campaign planning mode, we contacted Sondra again and were very impressed with her insights and ability to marshal local resources for this important project. She had also worked with some other organizations recently and they spoke very highly of the firm’s work. Bringing Mary Jane to the table was exactly what we needed. I have been very impressed with Harvest’s ability to find people and make good matches of people and organizations. All members of the team are very responsive. I would definitely recommend Harvest.
— Deborah Ullman, Retired CEO, YWCA Hartford Region