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What We Can Do For Nonprofits

Feeling frustrated by the same issues affecting your nonprofit time and again- staff turnover, board challenges, funding shortfalls?

Needing a sustainable stream of revenue and just not gaining traction? Wondering why your board isn’t lending value to your efforts? Facing a large campaign to raise needed funds, and don’t feel confident in going it alone?

Harvest Development Group sets out to identify root cause issues and fix them once and for all, leading you to better outcomes, more strategically.

We lead from a point of knowledge based on assessment and valuable data points about your organization. You will know our recommendations will work.

We are a full-service consulting firm working with you on feasibility studies, audits and assessments, strategy development, philanthropic culture, fundraising, capital campaigns, interim leadership, recruitment, board leadership and development, and operational improvements. Our service is your answer to changing things in your organization not only for the better but for good.

The Harvest Mission

Harvest Development Groups’ mission is straightforward – we will unlock the potential of every client to become more prosperous with sustainability, help them deliver their mission to the highest standard possible, and fulfill their commitment to their supporters.

At the end of the day, because of the work we do with our clients, we want to look around and see strong, healthy, productive, and stable nonprofits supporting our communities and each other.

We follow the core values of:

  • clear communication
  • objective assessment
  • identified outcomes
  • measurable achievement

Helping you change not only the actions but the underlying issues affecting your success, stopping only when you are satisfied.

Call 888-586-1103 for a free one-hour consultation and let us show you how your nonprofit organization can reach its full potential.