A message to our clients and partners regarding COVID-19

We are continuing to monitor the dynamic situation known as the COVID-19 or Coronavirus and are making decisions according to the latest information. The rapid changes we have experienced as a community can be unsettling. We realize the tremendous impact this is having on our clients and partners and want to share with you our plans.

Supporting nonprofits through difficult times is what we were built to do.

At Harvest, we are OPEN for BUSINESS. Our office will remain open and our work staff and consultants have the option to work remotely. We will be working remotely with our clients as well at their discretion. We have asked our staff and consultants to communicate with us any risk factors to which they may have been exposed. In our office we have frequent breaks to wash our hands, we have hand sanitizer at numerous stations, and our team wipes down our surfaces a couple of times per day. We will be working differently for a while.

But our commitment to the nonprofit sector has not changed.

We have a unique obligation to help the sector manage through this time. We want to help you continue to Do Good Better while we all support each other. Over today and tomorrow we will be reaching out to many of you personally to check in – on your health, on your organization, and most importantly on your overall well-being. We know this is hard but we encourage you to continue to make healthy choices when deciding where and how to gather during the next few weeks.
Facebook Live
Starting Friday,
March 20th at Noon (EST)
One of the first things we will be doing is Livestreaming on our Facebook Page every weekday at Noon for 30 minutes, to share information together that can help you work more effectively through this new reality. We will have guest speakers, we will share our insights, research others, and ask for viewers to share as well. Be sure to like and follow our page to be alerted to the daily agenda.Helping you navigate rough waters, with assurance and informational support – this is the thing that means the most to us and we are proud to be a part of your mission.If you need to have an understanding ear or have some questions, call or email us. We will share what we know and research what we don’t. Our belief is the nonprofit industry is a strong and powerful force that has proven to weather many storms. We will survive this one too, if we all work together.

Be good to each other and stay well,
– The Harvest Team

 What Can We Do For You?

Feeling frustrated by the same issues affecting your nonprofit time and again- staff turnover, board challenges, funding shortfalls?

Needing a sustainable stream of revenue and just not gaining traction?

Wondering why your board isn’t lending value to your efforts?

Facing a large campaign to raise needed funds, and don’t feel confident in going it alone?

Harvest Development Group sets out to identify root cause issues and fix them once and for all, leading you to better outcomes, more strategically.

We lead from a point of knowledge based on assessment and valuable data points about your organization. You will know our recommendations will work.

We are a full-service consulting firm working with you on feasibility studies, audits and assessments, strategy development, philanthropic culture, fundraising, capital campaigns, interim leadership, recruitment, board leadership and development, and operational improvements. Our service is your answer to changing things in your organization not only for the better but for good.

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