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Do you have the right resources for your Nonprofit?

Are you afraid your funding efforts aren’t generating enough revenue?

Can you rely on your board for support?

Is strategy missing from your work?

Is your community aware of everything you do?

Is your donor base growing to meet your needs?

Have your recruiting efforts brought in the right talent?

"Knowing Harvest makes Gifts of Love a stronger organization."
Ryan Pettengill
Executive Director, Gifts of Love, Avon, CT

Doing Good, Better, Shouldn’t Be Hard.


With more than 100 years of collective experience in nonprofit leadership, we quickly identify gaps and opportunities, then provide direction that creates goal-oriented solutions for every kind of problem your nonprofit faces.


"Harvest designed a research protocol that included a survey to thousands of our members along with more in-depth conversations with our leadership donors. This approach provided needed data and information as we determined our next steps in advancing our fundraising strategies. The Harvest team has both breadth and depth of expertise."
Deidre Tavera
Chief Development Officer, Connecticut Public

Qualified talent produces results. We research, locate, and recruit candidates who fit your needs and are prepared to go the distance. We fill the gap in hiring with expert interim leadership. We help you prepare for next-level performance


"We worked with Harvest for about a year on planning and executing the silent phase of our capital campaign. Their expertise and counsel was exactly what we needed to move our campaign to its next phase."
Nancy Altschuler
Director of Development, Goodspeed Musicals

Focusing on growing your philanthropic community, we blueprint funding strategies that evolve to serve you today and tomorrow, structuring donor-centered actions along a fundraising funnel of tactics, engagements, and evaluative tools.


"Keeping us advised throughout the process, and through their comprehensive screening and interview process... Harvest skillfully guided us through the interview and selection process, coordinated the offer and compensation package to the successful candidate, provided onboarding tools and resources, and remained engaged after the candidate’s hire date to ensure a smooth transition.
Captain Andrea Marcille (Ret)
President, U.S.Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association

The Path to Nonprofit Success

1. We Listen

Nonprofit consulting starts with you. Schedule time to tell us your story. You are unique and no one solution fits everyone. We will listen to what keeps you up at night. Then we will explore concepts and strategies that will transform you and your organization.

2. We Build Solutions

We create and implement customized solutions, empowering you to succeed as a visionary, delivering on your organization’s purpose. Throughout the project, you will bring clarity to everyone in moving forward and your nonprofit will flourish.

3. You See Results

As you lead transformation in your organization with our guidance, board confidence increases, expanding their engagement; community awareness increases, multiplying donor funding; and the promise of your mission is fulfilled.

Why Do We Care?


  • We’ve been in your place. And you are not alone in your journey to mission success.
  • Nonprofit leaders don’t have all the answers, but they need the answers to succeed. We have answers built over 100 years of combined experience. 
  • Knowing you can do good better, drives us to seek the right solutions for your needs.
  • There are over 1.5 million U.S. nonprofits representing 5.5% of our GDP and employing 10% of our workforce. That’s a driving force in our economy. 
  • We believe nonprofits deserve more. More attention, more respect, more funding, more proficient, meaningful, productive guidance and support.

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