Helping to take the hard work out of recruitment for your nonprofit organization

With organic growth and without a clearly defined recruitment process it is easy to have the wrong people in the wrong jobs. Many nonprofit organizations lack the detailed job descriptions or management tools in place to enable them to fully evaluate their staffs’ performance. The lack of succession planning can leave nonprofits without key personnel and the correct skill set.

At Harvest Development Group, we make it our business to understand your specific recruitment needs. We work closely with your organizational needs to tailor the recruitment solutions to meet the specific requirements of your nonprofit.  We take time to understand the types of roles you are recruiting for and the personality that will best fit your organization.

We develop detailed job descriptions and specifications before scouring the market for the most qualified and suitable person for you. Once we have a detailed list, we conduct interviews prior to providing you with three standout candidates for you to review and make the final recruitment decision.

We develop performance management tools specific to the role and outline detailed key performance indicators. This provides long-term bench marking of role, responsibility, and personnel to ensure your investment provides valuable ROI.

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