Interim Management

One of the biggest concerns for all organizations is whether or not they have the right management in place to deliver the objectives promised to stakeholders.

This dilemma becomes especially prevalent when:

  • Management or Senior Executive staff leave for new opportunities
  • You experience an unexpected or immediate increase in work demands
  • You require project Management and delivery of strategic short-term projects
  • You notice a shortage in a particular skill set.

The highly skilled, experienced, and adaptable consultants at Harvest Development Group can help bridge this gap, by joining your organization on either a short or a long-term basis to help your nonprofit operate as normal. As a result, your organization will experience minimal loss in momentum for fundraising activities or in staff morale. More often, our expert consultants will provide and enhance a fresh and productive outcome to your efforts as well.

Our consultants have worked in a range of nonprofit organizations and have dealt with a variety of different challenges including:

  • Managing existing low producing teams
  • Providing assessments of strategies and processes
  • Redesigning and implementation of major giving programs
  • Making tough management decision on staff restructuring due to budget constraints
  • Recommendations on general operational efficiency
  • Developing programs on donor cultivation and stakeholder engagement.

Harvest Development Group interim management consultancy is offered as a standalone service or as part of other consultant services. Call 888-586-1103 for a free one hour consultation and let us show you how your nonprofit organization can reach its full potential.