Leading You Forward

Individual solutions for individual needs.

Our experience at Harvest Development Group shows us that nonprofit organizations reach out to consultants because they are going through a difficult time. This can include loss of funding or key personnel, poor performance, dysfunctional organizational practices, and the need to increase fundraising while being increasingly accountable to the board of trustees. We recognize these issues and are in a great position to help you overcome them.

Businesses are successful because they apply a comprehensive audit and assessment process when tackling problems to create strategic solutions to overcome them. It is for this reason we take the same approach when working with your nonprofit organization. We base our findings on in-depth research and ask the right people the right questions.

Rather than looking at every problem at face value we take the time to get to know the underlying causes to them. Only when we truly know what causes the issues your organization faces can they be resolved. To achieve this we undertake a 360 degree review via an internal and external audit. We conduct one-to-one interviews with key personnel, electronically survey donors to better understand their behaviours, and carry out extensive research to identify problems areas. Results driven from this activity help us to create a comprehensive report to drive a philanthropy strategy to fulfil your organizations short term needs and long term goals.

Only when we are satisfied that we have enough information will we implement a strategic plan and recommend necessary changes. We will work with you to create a strategic process for your organization to follow and teach you to become more functionally and operationally organized to increase efficiency levels in all areas including fundraising activity. These necessary tools will help you to implement change and grow your nonprofit long after our time together ends.  This is why we work hard to find the right individuals in your organization to work with and coach them to become the change management force needed to succeed in your goals. We put measuring tools in place which drive successful programs forward both in the short and long term

At Harvest Development Group we know that every nonprofit organization is different, this is why we tailor solutions to fulfil your organizations needs. The strategies, tools, processes, and expertise we have help to guide you and your efforts so you can get the most out of what you do and fulfil your commitment to your supporters.

Adding a little extra

Our experience has taught us that during the initial consultation period other issues arise which need to be addressed within the organization. Very often addressing these issues can be resolved alongside the work we were originally brought in to do at no extra cost to you.

Recognizing that it takes time to implement change is key and there are always questions which need to be answered. This is why we stay in touch with you and encourage you to reach out for six to 12 months following the consultation, so any issues or questions that arise can be addressed easily and quickly at no extra cost. This helps you to keep on track and continue to create sustainable fundraising goals which include help and support from the whole organization.

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