Client Research

Research can help to open up a new world of opportunity which you may previously thought was not available.

Research can help to develop the capability of your nonprofit by bringing you all the information you need to keep you on top of the latest developments in the world of nonprofits. It can further assist your nonprofit to enhance its relationships with the your donors, by fully understanding their commitments before approaching them for funding.

Harvest Development Group has a team of experienced technical consultants, who will diligently research opportunities for your organization, to help it burst through to the next level of excellence.

We will analyse findings and deliver them an accessible and comprehensive way, deigned to be shared with your key stakeholders and implemented into your programs and services.

The Harvest Development Group has carried out research in a variety of areas including:

  • Grant research which has enabled us to identify prospects and corporate funders

  • Wealth screening for individuals

  • Market research on nonprofit competitors, constituent needs and campaign viability

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