BLOSSOM: The Virtual Nonprofit Incubator

Introducing BLOSSOM: The Virtual Incubator for Nonprofit Executives. (click here to learn more or enroll now!)

This 12 month program of online classroom learning, guided by monthly coaching sessions with expert nonprofit leaders, will provide you with topical applied learning in areas critical to your organization’s growth with REAL outcomes every month. The incubator applies three approaches to learning:

  • Knowledge Acquisition through an online workspace experience, where the best of curated academic and interactive learning experiences cover fifteen topical leadership and operational subjects. Your coach will assist you and guide your learning every month, answering questions and making recommendations specific to your organizations needs. Gather required books by thought leaders and build your organizational leadership library. Take part in written assignments, quizzes, and tests for comprehension and applicability.
  • Processing through your assigned team interaction. Each learner is assigned to a team, with each team not exceeding six members. Each month the team will discuss issues pertinent to nonprofit leadership in the incubator’s online team site. Meet executives just like you from across the nation, give and receive valuable feedback, and gain new insights.
  • Experience through the development and execution of a Long Term Project. Based on an assessment taken of your organization in month one, with your coach determine the highest priority need for your organization and establish your Long Term Project goal. Work indepedently on your project and meet monthly with your coach and your team to present and evaluate progress.

Low cost of service – $495 monthly for twelve months with a $750 orientation fee. Or make two payments over the course of the twelve months and we’ll drop the orientation fee. Pay in full in your first month and we’ll also add a 10% discount. We also offer an Incubator Enterprise Level for larger organizations, Community Foundations and Nonprofit Associations. At this level we will tailor the incubator to your specific criteria and offer a number of ‘seats’ for you to use with your staff, grantees, or members. Pricing is specialized to your needs. FOR A FREE TRIAL MODULE, for more information, or to register, please click here or contact us at 888-586-1103 x2